The Beginning

After purchasing his first guitar in 1962 for $15, Chappie was hooked and learned his first song, Walk Don't Run, by the Ventures.  The first band was formed his freshman year in highschool, The Ravin' Blues.  He later joined The Roadrunners.  Then on to Kstate.  With Alan Brown and Tom Olsen, both former members of The Roadrunners, The Dinks were formed.  The Devastating Dinks performed all over Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. The Motown sound with the horn section and the booming B3 Hammond organ, caught the fancy of thousands of fans.
One of the Dinks posters from around 1966-1967.  The Lamplighter Club in Salina, Ks was our
home club back in the day.  Other popular places we played were The Dark Horse Inn, The Rusty Bucket,
The Red Dog Inn, The Gas Light, The Hilltop Club, Me and Ed's, Jax Snax, and every National Guard building and fair grounds in Kansas.
64 passenger school bus that took us everywhere.  Here it is parked near a cabin in Estes Park, CO, where The Devastating Dinks were playing at a place called Jax Snax.
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